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Kites Cluster Project - Creating an active language cluster in Finland

The Kites Association, Culminatum Innovation and Vantaa Innovation Institute launched the Kites Cluster Project in November 2011.

Kites works with companies in the fields of language, culture, technology and communications. The aim of the two-year Kites cluster project is to create a cluster of SMEs that offer services, products and technologies within the sectors. This new network, Language Cluster Finland, will support the internationalization process of Finnish companies by making high-quality multilingual services readily available.

Companies involved in the cluster will work together in Special Interest Groups. By doing this the participating companies will be able to focus on matters that are most important to them, enabling them to prepare new company-led development projects.

The project is connected to Culminatum's Digibusiness cluster program. Culminatum Innovation is also responsible for the project. The Kites Association and Vantaa Innovation Institute take part in controlling and funding the project. Kites will become a Vantaa Business Labs cluster and the project will take place within Vantaa Innovation Institute's premises. The total budget for the project is 330,000 euros, mainly funded by the Uusimaa ELY Center.


The project staff

+ Janne Tynkkynen

Janne Tynkkynen
Project Manager Kites Cluster Project