Timo HonkelaTimo Honkela, Research Director, Department of Digital Humanities, University of Helsinki.

Timo started his career in language technology in mid-1980s in Sitra's Kielikone project. He moved to focus on data driven language technologies using neural networks and machine learning since the beginning of 1990s in EU and national projects at VTT and received his PhD at Helsinki University of Technology in 1998 on a topic related to natural language processing using artificial neural networks.

Timo's research covers  development and application of machine learning, neural networks, image analysis, motion tracking and data visualization methods and tools for natural language processing, text mining and other AI applications in humanities and social sciences. He has served as a researcher and principle scientist in a number of projects funded by EU, Academy of Finland, Sitra, Tekes and companies as a professor and researcher in three universities and as CEO of Gurusoft, Inc. in 2000-01. 

Timo Honkela's strategic goal is to explore positive impact and opportunities of AI research in society for which purpose he has launched the Peace Machine concept and framework.

Timo's subject is Accessing cultural and linguistic diversity by using machine learning.